RotRL 2013

Ironbriar Journal

This ciphered work serves as both a ledger and journal for Justice Ironbriar, written in a cipher of Elven, Draconic, and Infernal. Within is detailed a smattering of information about “Father Skinsaw”. It seems that the cult known as the Skinsaw Men hold that their murders serve a greater cause, their leaders receiving visions of victims that they believe to be divine messages from Father Skinsaw. With each murder, society is shaped — deeds that the victim might have accomplished go unrealized and the lives of those who knew the dead shift and change in subtle ways. Over the course of years, or even centuries, murders can shape nations and write the future’s history; and when the ‘Final Blooding’ occurs, then shall Father Skinsaw reveal to his flock the purpose of this shaping of society by death.

It appears that the Skinsaw Men of Magnimar are a cult that sprang from a master cult which existed for hundreds of years in the Chelish city of Vyre. The Magnimarian branch was run by Ironbriar since the disappearance of Vorel Foxglove.

Ironbriar also helped to establish the semi-secret Brothers of the Seven society as a cover for the cult, and over the decades, Ironbriar has taken advantage of his then-growing cadre of murderers, using them for additional income.

The journal also describes “Lovely Xanesha”, who seems to have stolen Ironbriar’s heart. Ironbriar writes that he thought her initial interests would be his connections among the justices of Magnimar, but discovered it was actually for his Skinsaw Men. According to the journal, Ironbriar has met with Xanesha dozens of times at a site in northern Magnimar called the “Shadow Clock”.

The ledger largely contains mundane information compared to the journal, but one entry likely stands out from the rest: a receipt of payment from the “Red Mantis” for delivery of “Vorel’s Legacy”.



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