RotRL 2013

Chapter 1: In Summary

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Torch

Our adventure begins in the small community of Sandpoint, located along the Lost Coast and the bluish-green waters of the Varisian Gulf. The Swallowtail Festival had just begun, in celebration of both the Autumnal Equinox and the official opening of the new Sandpoint Church. The festivities and friendly competitions proceeded well into the evening, until the scheduled consecration of the new church by Father Zantus.

Disaster struck! Goblins infiltrated the town and chose that very moment to strike. Using whatever means available to them, the goblins caused as much damage as their tiny frames and tinier intellects could allow. Structurally, the village remains intact, but there were a number of casualties, including the notable noble Aldern Foxglove. The group of adventurers drove off the goblins before they could do more harm. Thanks to their heroics, they have become essentially local celebrities, with merchants and barkeeps offering goods and drinks on the house. Some of the locals even come to rely on the adventurers, asking their assistance to deal with matters both trivial and complex.

Ameiko Kaijutsu, the bartender of the Rusty Dragon and personal friend of Syra, goes missing just a few days after the goblin assault on Sandpoint. Her maid found a letter from Ameiko’s brother, Tsuto, suggesting she may be found at the Sandpoint Glassworks. Upon investigation, the Glassworks was filled with more goblins, the gruesome display of Lonjiku Kaijutsu, and Tsuto. After dispatching the goblins and apprehending Tsuto, a surprised Ameiko was found bound in the basement of the Glassworks. She offered rooms for a lifetime at the Rusty Dragon in gratitude for the adventurers’ rescue.

However, that was not all to be found within the Glassworks. A long tunnel beneath the building ran out to the side of a cliff overlooking the Varisian Gulf, as well as a once bricked-off corridor that leads into catacombs. Within these catacombs laid strange aberrations called Sinspawn; hairless humanoids on dog-like legs, hideous mouth flanked by tiny arms with three-fingered hands. Koruvus, a notable goblin fighter, found his death within the catacombs, but a strange small demon evaded the adventurers. A shrine to the demon queen Lamashtu resided deep within, along with a peculiar magical well that possessed the ability to create new Sinspawn. The adventurers managed to drain the well of its power by repeatedly creating the creatures.

From there, the adventurers had a small bit of breathing room. They received correspondence from Shalelu Andosana, a hunter in the region, that the bulk of goblin forces seemed concentrated in the Thistletop area. The adventurers investigated the area to find more than just a few goblins. Within, they found the Warchief Ripnugget, along with a mysterious female human mage, the curious demon from the catacombs, and a woman named Nualia. Within the basement of the Thistletop was found an unusual back chamber, containing an ancient magic projecting an image and playing unknown words, as well as a room full of surgical tools and a prison for a “millennium beast”.

With the goblins of Thistletop and Nualia defeated, it seems that Sandpoint has found a respite, at least for a time.



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